What is SMO in digital marketing?

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is the practice of increasing the product, brand or event awareness by using a number of social media communities and outlets to generate greater traffic visibility. The main goal of SMO is to drive traffic to your website or web pages.

It was originally designed to drive traffic from Social Media sites like Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) and social bookmarking. As per a survey, there are around 4.39 billion internet users in the world in 2019. The power of Social Media is increasing Day by Day.


Social Media Optimization includes the use of Social Media sites, video sites as well as the bookmarking sites, RSS Feed, blogging sites to improve the site organic search Result and website performance.

There are some Reasons why SMO is important?

1. Improves Search Engine Ranking Performance –

Social Media Optimization helps to improves Search Engine Ranking Performance (SERP). Search engines acquire data from social media channels like Google+ and then showing them on the search result.

2. Lead Generation –

As we know, Social media is beneficial for branding and event awareness, it is significantly used for Lead Generation. Now you have a question what is lead? So here I am telling you lead is an Address, Phone number and ID that helps the marketers to target their Audience.

3. Help to drive More Traffic to site –

SMO is the best source for website Traffic increment. You can drive organic traffic by focus on sharing visual content, Engage with guanine audience and by promote your blog content on Social Media sites.

4. Very Cost Effective –

SMO technique is cost effective. You can drive a good amount of traffic without extra investment through this by make good strategy.

5. Makes Content Easy to share –

First of all If you are uploading your site or blog content on Social Media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. And your content is easy to read and it’s providing good impact on your targeting audience then people will like and share your content with another people.

This will helps you to improve your website performance as Content plays very important role in website Marketing.

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