What is Content Marketing? Benefits of Content Marketing?


Content Marketing is not only used to attract interested people towards your brand’s proposals, but it is also the best way to transmit your business’s identity and values while enabling you to secure a spot in these people’s daily lives through the use of Social Networks.

As per the San Diego UniversityContent Marketing refers to the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and build customer loyalty among a clearly defined audience with the goal of generating profitable actions among consumers”.

In today’s world, the strategy your business uses to find its target public is completely different from a few decades ago. Content Marketing has become one of the digital era’s most effective techniques in terms of finding potential clients and retaining the ones that have already bought something.

Some benefits of Content Marketing?

It’s important to pin down which Content Marketing benefits your business can gain from:

1) It’s the perfect technique for improving your content, website and commercial proposals’ web positioning.

2) It’s the best way to reach your target audience by offering relevant and quality content to them.

3) It helps you attract and retain potential clients on Social Networks.

4) Creating articles and content that are relevant to your audience makes it possible for you to utilize SEO techniques, which help to favor your appearance in the first few results on Google searches.

5) It enables you to transmit your brand’s values.

Benefits of Content Marketing


Types of Content Marketing: – 

There are different types of Content Marketing. Now, which channel fit into the Content Marketing spectrum? What platforms can be used to complete this activity in order to reach a particular target public? Here are the answers to these questions:

1) Articles on Your Website and Blogging

First is Articles on Your Website and Blogging. This is one of the best strategies for getting the max output of Content Marketing is to create your own articles for your blog or website, and then promoting them on Social Networks.

2) Email Marketing

Second is Email Marketing, which is mailing newsletters and promotions to your audience via e-mail, is an excellent form of keeping your public informed on your content and news as well as spreading your commercial proposals.

3) Videos

Third is Videos. Making the creation of videos an integral part of any content marketing strategy is very favorable since this class of content happens to be one of the most shared on Social Networks. Therefore, it’s recommended to create a YouTube channel (currently the most important video platform) and share your videos from there.

4) Social Networks

Forth is Social Networks. Social Networks are where you’ll be able to find and interact with your audience, which makes it the medium of choice for diffusing your content. Thus, you should remember to optimize your blog or website so that people can share your articles on Social Media.

5) Graphic Pieces

Last is Graphic Pieces. Another pillar of CM is the production and diffusion of graphic pieces on both blogs and Social Networks. Said content is said quite often on Social Media thanks to its visual attractiveness and they include the creation of info graphics and animated GIFS, photographs, illustrations and images with text.

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