Vicky Kaushal starrer bhoot movie review

Vicky Kaushal starrer bhoot movie review

Vicky Kaushal starrer Bhoot is the masterpiece, that you can’t miss. the film is directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh and produced by Karan Johar. The film revolves around Haunted Ship’s and it has received positive response from the audience. Some people felt so scared that they left the show in the middle and some people were eating popcorn, so popcorn came out of their mouth on the horrific scene. The Audience reviews for the movie is:

Bhoot Movie Review

“I’m proudly say that our Bollywood movies are improving now like tumbaad, pari, stree. this movie is also a dam good movie. If you love horror films, this movie will surely give u a terrific experience. A new fresh good story line. better than many so called Hollywood horror films. it has a unique story. 1st half is seriously scary. after that it will explain the story slowly.  overall movie is good. just go and watch and fill the fear”

“Amazing movie, one of the best horror flicks in recent times produced in India, Vicky paaji has done a great job, he has the potential of being the next biggest thing in Bollywood, direction too is great and not to forget and thank Karan Johar for backing such an idea, go guys go and watch this movie, it’s really worth every single penny, the most scariest Indian horror movie I have ever seen, ten out of ten from me – Balraj Singh Bhui.”

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