Top 3 friendship you will miss about the Bigg Boss 13


Bigg Boss 13 is the most controversial show of 2019. It has left everyone sweaty in terms of tops. There were 3 such contestants on the show who left no stone unturned to entertain the audience. These 3 contestants are Asim, Siddharth and Shehnaaz. The entire show went on around here.

Asim Siddhartha Friendship:

Asim Sid was completely unknown to each other before appearing in both shows. As the show progressed, the friendship of these two became very good. Both used to support each other in every task. And used to speak on every issue. The pair of these two were dressed in the Ram Laxman pair of television. But as soon as wild card entries came, the relationship between these two became quite sour.  Sid hurt Asim in the task many times but Asim never hurt him because of his friendship. The relationship of these two in the house was very good, now let’s see how their friendship goes.

Asim Himanshi Relationship:

Himanshi Khurana is a very big actress of Punjab industry. After her controversy with Shehnaaz, she entered the Bigg Boss 13 as a wild card. asim was already a contestant of the show. himanshi came to the show as engaged. But asim starts falling for her. Both of them started sharing the relationship with each other. After himanshi’s evict from the show, Asim wept a lot and started missing her. A few days later himanshi came as a family member in the show for Asim. They both confessed for each other. Now they are happy couple.

Shehnaaz Siddhartha Friendship:

Shehnaaz Gill is the highest entertainment queen of this season. Siddharth and Shehnaaz pair was very much liked by the audience. Both of them were engaged in pulling each other’s legs and used to tease each other with love. The audience liked their cute chemistry.

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