Shehnaz Kaur Gill looking adorable in new song “Kurta Pajama” Releases


Katarina Kaif of Punjab and Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shehnaz Kaur Gill’s news song has been released. this song was released on Friday. The song became famous just hours after its release. Shehnaz is looking fabulous in her new song with Bollywood singer Tony kakkar.

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill New Song

Tony is the brother of singer Neha kakkar. Both Shehnaz and Tony look absolutely perfect in this song. This song has been released by Desi Music Factory and produced by Anshul garg. Desi Music Factory had earlier worked with Aseem and Himanshi in Kallah Sona Nahi.

Shehnaz was the famous contestant of Bigg boss 13.  She looks very beautiful in Kurta Pajama Song. and looks slimmer than before. recently shehnaz’s song ‘Kaha Gayi Sorry’ with Jassi Gill was released.

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