Places to visit in India under 5000

place to visit in india

Do you really wants to Travel and spend some quality time from faraway of the world. Then you are on just right platform. If you’re on a budget or are simply struggling with end of the month salaries, doesn\’t mean that you should be deprived of your right to go forth and travel. Here I will share some Places to visit in India under 5000. Which, you can explore very easily.

Places to visit in India under 5000


Kasauli is a small cantonment town located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. You can spend your long weekend taking in the scenic views of the beautiful hill station of Kasauli. The most cost effective way to reach Kasauli is to board a train from Delhi to Kalka and then take a shared taxi from there to Kasauli. This caps your trip travel expenses at less than Rs 1500. Pocket-friendly hotels accommodate you under Rs. 1000 and leave you with about Rs. 2500 to splurge on the trip.



Kanyakumari is a coastal town in Tamil Nadu state. It is a major go-to destination for a lot of people living in South India. A bus ticket from Trivandrum (one way) would be around Rs. 250 and the basic rooms in hotels start under Rs. 800. Which means you are still left with a good Rs. 3000 on your trip? Kanyakumari is known for its panoramic full view of the Thiruvalluvar Statue and the Vivekananda Rock Memorial.



Rishikesh is famous for its white water rafting, and home to the holy river Ganga, it is a perfect destination for adventure seekers and laid-back tourists alike. Just 225 kms from Delhi, Rishikesh is easy to get there as well with a network of state as well as privately owned buses, Volvos. The tickets start from as low as Rs. 200 and go Rs. 1400 for one way. You can get a room for less than Rs. 250 for a day.



Lansdowne is Located at a distance of 250 km from Delhi and the best way to reach here is to board a bus to Kotdwar, a town 50 km from Lansdowne, and then switch to a local bus, to help you keep the round trip travel expenses less than Rs. 1000. It’s secluded and relatively less commercialized outlook allows you to find splendid accommodation within Rs 1500, sparing you with Rs 2500 for other expenses. Unblemished by excessive tourism, Lansdowne still remains one of the most preserved and genuine hill stations in India. 



Kasol is known for its trekking trails, Kasol has jaw-dropping natural beauty. Tourist comes here to enjoy its hippie style bars & restaurants and Goa-like aura encapsulated in breezy mountains. The hill station has an eclectic crowd with people from all over the world. Although relatively far from Delhi, you can still enjoy your trip on a shoestring budget with overnight bus tickets starting from as low as Rs. 800 for one side.


So friends, these were some Places to visit in India under 5000. if you have visited these places in your life then let us know by comment below in the comment section.

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