Paranormal expert Steve Huff talks about Sushant Singh Rajput


Paranormal expert Steve Huff has claimed that after the death of Sushant, many people have mailed him. Steve claim to talk to the souls of many people on YouTube who die prematurely. He has around 1.1 million followers on YouTube.

Sushant Singh Rajput Death

In his latest YouTube video, he is heard questioning ‘R u in the light?’ According to the counter number 04:07 of his video, Sushant Singh Rajput says ‘Steve I am getting light’. About 5 lakh people have watched this video in just 4 days.

Steve has spoken to famous pop singer Michael Jackson’s soul before Sushant in 2018.  Apart from this, he has been claiming to talk to the spirits of many big personalities. Steve Huff claims to talk to spirits in the same way for the last 10 years with a special device he designed.

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