Bigg Boss 13: will Aarti and Devolena eliminated?


As new episodes, of Bigg Boss are coming. Similarly, the show is becoming more interesting. Yesterday in Weekend’s Next Promo, we saw Aarti and Devolina being homeless by Salman Khan. But if both of them have been nominated, then I will tell you that neither of these two will be voted out in this weekend’s war, which means that both of them will not be homeless.

Umar Riaz will be seen in Bigg Boss Weekend ka War

Along with this, we will see Jai Bhanushali, Paras’s girlfriend Aanshash Puri, Asim’s brother Umar Riaz debating with each other, in which Jai Bhanushali will speak to Asim’s brother about Asim, before Asim used to listen to everything of Siddhartha.

But how the illustrious Changes come in it, then the same age have will be seen speaking to Umar Riaz that everyone likes self-respect, someone is pushed again or again so what will be another do. 

Also, I want to tell you among friends that just a few days ago, Paras had spoken about Shaifali and Asim, who had become quite upset by hearing Shaifali’s husband. So today we will also see how Parag’s girlfriend Parag’s girlfriend, Shefali, tells the aspirant how my boyfriend has spoken a poor thing about the character of his wife Shefali.

Friends today’s Bigg Boss episode is going to be very interesting in which Salman khan will also be present. If you liked this article then let us know buy comment below in the comment section.

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