Bigg Boss 13: Is Shahnaz targeting Asim?


Friends, today the condition between Asim and Shehnaaz is not good. Both keep targeting each other on some or the other thing. While Asim finds Shahnaz double-handed, the same she feels about Asim. Sometimes she feels that he is arrogant or sometimes double-handed. In fact, since the entry of wild cards, differences have started coming in the friendship of both.

In today’s episode, both of them will be seen fighting with each other, in fact, it has happened that like every year, Bigg Boss will play the task of teacher student at home this time, in which Shehnaz will come to class as an English teacher and ask students some questions. First she will ask that who is the love triangle in the Bigg Boss house, then Paras will say that you, me and Siddharth sir. Siddhartha Shukla will play as a Dance Teacher.

Till then everything is going well but in the Next Question Shehnaz asks her students that the children now turn, who is the negative child is the negative person’s angle of the class, then in the answer of this question, Vishal ¬†will take the name of Asim, due to which Asim will leave the class and go away.

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After that, there is a big fight between Shahnaz and Asim. Where, Shehnaz speaks to Asim that when the hell is you to get out of my class, I was already thinking to leave you.

So friend who is right according to you, tell us by comment below in the comment section.

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