Bigg Boss 13: Asim riaz get tortured to get out of nomination

Asim riaz get tortured

Bigg Boss 13: Asim riaz get tortured to get out of nomination

Colors TV show Bigg Boss 13 is getting interested day by day. Asim Riaz, Paras Chhabra, Abu Malik and Siddhartha Dey were nominated to be evicted this weekend along with Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai.

In today’s episode we will see that big boss will give a chance to the all men to save themselves from getting evicted this weekend and all they have to do is perform a task.

The task will divided in two teams

Paras-Siddharth and Asim-Abu will be divided in teams. They will have to sit on either sides of a wall and hold each other’s hand and the other participants have to try their best to break them up and the pair who loses grip will be nominated.


Asim, who was called out time and again for giving up during his first task in the show, swears to prove himself as the strongest contestant. But what starts off as something friendly takes a very violent turn after housemates start using spices and shaving creams to tear the couple apart. Mahira, Rashmi, Devoleena and Shafali will be seen to drop spices and shaving cream on Asim to break Asim-Abu pair.

Asim eyes start burning and even then, he is seen motivating Abu to not let go off his hand. In fact, both their hands (Abu-Asim) start shaking at one point. Abu breaks down on seeing his dedication and of course, he also bears his share of torture. It is, honestly, a pitiful sight to watch.

Abu breaks down on seeing his dedication

In the house, Paras is known as the strong contender, Asim and Abu are not. This is like a golden opportunity for the two to prove their mettle. Not to mention, we are eagerly waiting to see what Salman Khan has to say about the task in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.


So friends, will Asim and Abu create history as the winners of the task? Or will it be Paras and Siddharth who win the task? Keep in touch with us to find out!

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