Benefits of Yogurt for Hair Fall and Hair Loss


Yogurt is very beneficial for our health as well as our beauty. We use a variety of chemical products to make hair beautiful. These chemical products are very dangerous for our hair. If we use these chemical products on a daily basis, then it hurts our hair a lot.

Do you know that there is one thing in our kitchen that is very useful for our hairs And that thing is Yogurt. Yogurt makes our hair beautiful and strong. Let’s know about the Benefits of Yogurt for Hair Fall and Hair Loss.

  1. Yogurt contains nutrients like Calcium and Casein so their contribution to hair growth is considered important.
  2. The zinc present in yogurt can be beneficial for hair. it makes your hairs silky and dandruff free.
  3. The amount of folate present in yogurt can also help with hair growth.
  4. Vitamin-B6 can work effectively to make hair dandruff free.
  5. If you use 2 tbsp lemon juice in a bowl, then your hair will be stronger than the roots, their fall will stop and the dryness will also end.

This article is contributed by Seo Aunty.

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