Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khuaran confessed their love for each other

asim riaz himanshi khurana

Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have confessed their love for each other. Yes, in the last episode of Bigg Boss both Asim and Himanshi have confessed their love for each other.

Asim Riaz has always been telling Himanshi about his feelings. But Himanshi has always been able to ignore Asim due to his engagement. The two are often seen together at the Bigg Boss house. Shaifali Zariwala is also seen with these two. Actually Himanshi and Shefali are wild card entries. Both of them had become very close friends of Asim as soon as they came home.

In the beginning, Paras had also spoken some wrong things about Asim and Saifali, which Shaifali’s husband was very angry to hear. But later Asim had told Himanshi about his feelings. On hearing this, Himanshi told him that she is already engaged. Her fiance will not feel like this at all.

But slowly the closeness between these two people grew and finally Himanshi too has accepted Asim’s love. in this week’s nominated contestants names is Rashmi, Asim, Himanshi and Shaifali Zariwala among the families. Now it will be interesting to see who will be evicted from the Bigg Boss house out of these four.

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